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Born of multiple roots, Nomad ben Stones is a project inspired by the billions of dust particles that each of us sows along the way. From this wandering through the pursuit of life, we explore the possibilities of a music whose boundaries move with the times.

After winning the Ali Maâchi d’Alger prize in 2015 for the song « Mayou », then Révélations Radio-Canada in the world music category in Montreal in 2019, the nomadic souls of this Afro-Oriental indie blues project are settling in France to write their new album.

This next EP, « Sohan », will be released in May 2024 with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. It invites listeners on a poetic journey inspired by the encounter between an astronaut and a Tuareg united in their quest for a lost star. Desert guitar, classical violins and electronic keyboards combine to explore the unknown paths of memory and reinvent the figure of the nomad driven by boundless curiosity.